This operation is performed by the operator in manual mode up to 15 minutes.

The application is considered paid after one confirmation of the Litecoin network.

Money is credited to the card instantly.

Exchange rate: 1 LTC = 2653.72 RUB

min.: 0.5 LTC, max.: 10 LTC


max.: 894711.02 RUB


enter your credit card number

Personal data

Enter your e-mail

Litecoin LTC - Sberbank RUB

For exchange You need to follow some steps:

  1. Fill in all the fields of the submitted form. Click “Continue”.
  2. Read the terms of agreement for the provision of exchange services, if You accept them, tick in the appropriate box/click “I agree” (“Agree”). Again check the details of the application.
  3. Pay the claim. To do this, to make a required Deposit amount, follow the instructions on our website.
  4. After executing these steps, the system moves You to the page “application Status”, which will indicate the status of Your transfer.

IMPORTANT!! Carefully check the details. After the payment, the payment is not possible to cancel.

Charlie Lee founded the third after Bitcoin and Neimcoin crypto currency, which was aimed at solving the problems of the previous altcoys. Лайткоин differs stability of a course and a number of positive characteristics (speed of carrying out of transactions, cost of operations and others). If you plan to convert digital coins Litecoin into ruble (RUB) assets of the bank Sberbank, use the exchanger
On the platform’s home page, specify the pair of assets in which the transaction is being conducted. The query processing menu opens, where you must fill in blank lines. You will need to enter personal information, a purse for removing tokens and an account where ruble funds will flow. You should also enter the e-mail address and the number of digital coins transferred. The system instantly calculates the profitability of the transaction taking into account the commission of the exchanger. After clicking the “Exchange” button, the user will be presented with the terms of cooperation with the online platform. Read and approve the proposed items.
Pay the invoice issued by the system, and activate the option of acquiring ruble (RUB) assets of the commercial institution Sberbank for Lightcakes (LTC). As soon as possible, the transaction will be completed, which will be notified by email to the client.