This operation is performed by the operator in manual mode during working hours daily from 09:00 to 18:00 GMT.

Time of transfer depends on the transfer amount.

The amount receivable will be calculated net of fee transfer system.

To transfer service “Zolotaya Korona – Money transfers” can be in any convenient point in the selected city. Transfer “Golden crown” unaddressed, without reference to a specific item of the receipt. The recipient selects only the country and city where you will be translating.

This translation is available for SL. countries: Russia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic.


min.: 500 EUR, max.: 2000 EUR

min.: 500 EUR
Including payment system fees Perfect Money (0.01 EUR) , you send

Example: E1234567.


max.: 343220.29 RUB

Personal data

Enter the country where you received the transfer

Enter the city where you received the transfer

Enter the full name of the recipient

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Perfect Money EUR - Golden crown RUB

For exchange You need to follow some steps:

  1. Fill in all the fields of the submitted form. Click “Continue”.
  2. Read the terms of agreement for the provision of exchange services, if You accept them, tick in the appropriate box/click “I agree” (“Agree”). Again check the details of the application.
  3. Pay the claim. To do this, to make a required Deposit amount, follow the instructions on our website.
  4. After executing these steps, the system moves You to the page “application Status”, which will indicate the status of Your transfer.

IMPORTANT!! Carefully check the details. After the payment, the payment is not possible to cancel.

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