This operation is performed automatically, without operator participation, at any time of the day.

The exchange direction is available only after verifying the Sberbank card !!!

To conduct an operation in this direction, you need to log in or register

Next, you need to add a new card to the “your accounts” section on the site and send it for verification –

Go for verification

Exchange rate: 1220649.1 RUB = 1 BTC

min.: 5000 RUB, max.: 49000 RUB

max.: 49000 RUB

enter your credit card number


max.: 0.04917317 BTC

max.: 0.04917317 BTC

Enter your Bitcoin address. Example- 1ch8p5f4YV9Vgvxc763wLPUoDq376rE3zgV

Personal data

Enter your e-mail

Sberbank RUB - Bitcoin BTC

For exchange You need to follow some steps:

    1. Fill in all the fields of the submitted form. Click “Continue”.
    2. Read the terms of agreement for the provision of exchange services, if You accept them, tick in the appropriate box/click “I agree” (“Agree”). Again check the details of the application.
    3. Pay the claim. To do this, to make a required Deposit amount, follow the instructions on our website.
    4. After executing these steps, the system moves You to the page “application Status”, which will indicate the status of Your transfer.

IMPORTANT!! Carefully check the details. After the payment, the payment is not possible to cancel.

The ruble exchange rate rarely pleased Russians during the last four years. There are several reasons for this at once and in the near future there are no prospects that can improve the welfare of citizens. Experts recommend using crypto-currencies as a saving circle for savings. For this reason, the service often processes requests for converting rubles (RUB) of Sberbank into digital coins Bitcoin (BTC)
How to conduct an exchange operation on our website? Visit the main page and specify the preferred assets in the parallel columns. Ensure that you have the required amount of funds in the service reserves. The system will redirect the user to the application processing section. Write down the number of assets expected or given. The option “online calculator” will determine the total conversion of rubles. Add blank account information and personal data to blank cells. To start the procedure for transferring ruble (RUB) funds of Sberbank into Bitcoin virtual coins (BTC), click the “Exchange” button.
The user will be offered the rules of cooperation with the platform, after the approval of which, leave a request for a transfer. Within 10-15 minutes, virtual coins go to the digital wallet.