How to get a discount.

Description: Each guest and client of our service has the right to get discounts on all types of exchange (with the exception of exchange, which do not inсlude the remuneration of the service that is performed without a fee, in 1:1 mode), for other directions of exchange there is a discount immediately after registration on the website of the exchange service. There are a total of 6 levels of discounts.

Discount calculation: Discount increases as you increase the number of exchanges and depends on the total amount of all exchanges, the greater the total amount of exchanges (the exchanges without a fee 1:1 are considered when calculating discounts, but the discount doesn’t affect them), the bigger the discount. Maximum discount is 0.5% of the amount exchanged.

Individual approach: If you are planning to exchange large sums at once (from 1000 USD), write our operator in online chat and he can give you a discount of 0.35%, the operator must provide your e-mail address used for registration or login in the exchanger.

Table levels of discounts:

• 1 level: 0.05% available immediately after registration

• 2 level: 0.1% — perfect exchanges, totaling more than 500 USD

• 3 level: 0.2% — perfect exchanges, totaling more than 5000 USD

• 4 level: 0.3% — perfect exchanges for total amount more than 10000 USD

• Level 5: 0.4% — perfect exchanges for total amount more than 20000 USD

If you have any further questions about the systеm of discounts in our service e-currency exchange, contact customer support in any convenient way on the website, the operator will answer you in the shortest possible time.